Why We are Different

Back in 1969, Cottonera Pvt. Ltd bought out a dyer. The business is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. The plant is surrounded by many of textile mills in the immediate area. It is certainly remarkable that Cottonera not only survived, but steadily grew in size during a time.

The plant is involved in the bleaching and dyeing of raw cotton. Water is obtained from the ground seepage of Ravi River nearby, with the best characteristics for processings of Fiber. A modern softener plant is also installed to ensure best results.

The advent of synthetic proved a challenge to the company. Cottonera is one of the first raw stock dyers to install high temprature/high pressure machinery for dyeing polyester fiber.

The result of continuous process improvement, adaptability to changing conditions, dedication to customers and hands on management has led to out continued success, Cottonera has the ability to produce state of the art dyeing of synthetics, i.e.. polyester,acrylics,rayan and nylon, along with natural fibers such as wool, cotton and jute.

Why Choose Us

Cottonera world headquarters is located lahore, pakistan. Here we maintain over a million square feet of space dedicated to fiber reprocessing, research and development, quality control, warehousing and administration. In this space, we have all the resources you need to meet any fiber processing requirement as well as specific needs...Read More

Focus on Safety

Maintaining a safe working environment is everything at Cottonera: safety is more than a priority; it is the way we work on the job and the way we behave at home. The CottonEra team understands that Safety cannot be a program instituted by management and followed by the employees, rather it must be a culture that is ...Read More

Global Footpirnt

For outbound and inbound shipments, we typically use 20-foot and 40-foot container loads. We are also happy to ship smaller quantities and trial bales via freight consolidators and air freight. CottonEra has been doing business internationally for the better part of a century; our in-house logistics experts can help you navigate ...Read More