Creating Value Beyond Price

The CottonEra Advantage

In this business-whether you are buying fiber or selling textile scrap-there is no margin for error. Success is measured in fractions of a penny per pound.

But cost is not measured in price alone. If your supply is unstable, if the fiber would not run on your machine, if your rep is consistently unavailable-getting the lowest price could end up costing you a pretty penny.

So at CottonEra, we think in terms of total value: creating more value for our customers in everything we do:

  • Reduce your production costs
  • Stabilize your fiber supply
  • Decrease your time to market
  • Increase product quality
  • Improve your flexibility, overall capabilities and profitability
  • Getting a good price is important. Having a strong and experienced partner willing to put it all on the line for you-it is priceless